With illustrations appearing in media from the upcoming Australian feature film Ruby’s Balloon and its companion short A Nightmare in Chalk to creating an illustration for NBC’s The Playboy Club, Nathalie is fast becoming one of today’s most sought after illustrators. Internationally known for her pin-up work, Nathalie's work has captured the eye of a diverse audience, including Playboy Playmate of the Year Claire Sinclair, Face Off host Mckenzie Westmore and actress/singer Renee Olstead, with whom she has collaborated on a variety of projects in recent years.

With her highly versatile skill set, Nathalie is able to move fluidly between a wide array of styles and subject matter.  She has designed cereal box covers, coloring books, vintage style paper dolls, book covers and fabric designs for fashion brands. Over the last few years, she has partnered with UK-based Bond & Knight, who won the 2015 BTAA Fashion Accessory of the Year award, to create a line of bespoke men’s leather wallets for worldwide distribution.


Artist Statement

From an early age, I have loved the style of old Hollywood glamour and the gorgeous modern and classic art that women have inspired. Through my artwork, I hope to add some beauty to the world and contribute to the positive imagery of women from all walks of life. My work is a visual celebration of the female form and the many different sides of every woman.

I enjoy creating artwork with a strong focus on realistic details.  Some of my pieces are so photorealistic that they can trick the eye into thinking they are actually photos.  I want to take people on a journey by helping them to see the world, and maybe themselves, in a new light.

I also enjoy working with negative space and minimal lines in my work.  Fading areas in and out of the background creates an almost dream-like impression on the paper.

I like to use a combination of watercolor, pastel, gouache and ink to create each piece, since it allows me to capture a wide range of textures, fabrics and moods.

While I primarily focus on female portraits, I also enjoy experimenting with a wide variety of artistic techniques and other subject matter.