Dotty and Dan

New logo are for the German company Dotty and Dan.

Artwork by me. Graphic work by St. Anchor Graphics.

Genuine Porcelain

Over the past several months I’ve had the pleasure of working with performer Genuine Porcelain. Together we created two piece of artwork and a super rad enamel pin based off her burlesque acts. You can purchase prints, sticker and the pin on her etsy website (

Here’s what Genuine Porcelain wrote about our collaborations.

Repost via @genuineporcelain : So insanely excited to share these!!!!!!!! Along with my enamel pin design, artist @nathalie_rattner created these two beautiful and detailed paintings based on my “Red Handed” act!! I’ve admired Nathalie’s work for years, so when I had a specific project in mind, I knew just who to contact! I love being able to support and collaborate with other creatives. There’s so much talent and vision in this world. Being able to share your thought process while also embracing other perspectives in art can be eye opening and contribute so much to the growth of your creative process. I love where Nathalie took these pieces. They truly are a collaboration of our vision and styles! Prints and stickers of both images are available in my Etsy shop (link in my stories) ๐Ÿ’‹

Mischief Made Halloween 2019

My new tee design "Stiletto Temptation“ for the 2019 Mischief Made Halloween collection is now avalible on the Mischief Made website.

Available in two different tee styles, cream and Heather white/vintage Black in Unisex.
Bad girl vegan pencil skirt pictured with the cream tee by @vixen_by_micheline_pitt 

Podcast Logo Art

I had the pleasure of creating this logo for the crime podcast Class A Felons B-Films C-Cups 

In collaboration with St.Anchor graphics who did the wonderful lettering for this logo.

Check out this exciting podcast to hear stylish stories hosted by Paris Brown on true crime, mysteries, tragedies, & the beauty of the bizarre, all told with vintage flair & big hair.

The Hollow Way movie poster

I had the honor of working with actress Nicole Melrose recently when she commissioned me to paint the film poster for her upcoming movie THE HOLLOW WAY.

Nicole asked me to paint her as a vintage bombshell with curves for days to capture the retro look of the movie and the character that she plays.

I painted the poster art with pastel, watercolor, acrylic, gouache, and ink on watercolor paper.