Didi & Dusty

New t-shirt art for the dynamic duo Didi & Dusty. It was such a pleasure creating this illustration for their new Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell act. T-shirts will be available during their live performances.

Love+Rattner puzzles have arrived!

New to the Lisa Love store are these 120 piece, 8"x11.5" jigsaw puzzle that come in cute little tines. These two puzzles feature artwork I painted for Lisa a few years ago during a collaboration with the wonderful Chris Gomez Photography. Pick one up at LisaLove.com while supplies last.

Recent Fashion Collaboration

I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Ignatious Joseph, who is known for his signature red shoes. He created this wonderful piece of writing to go along with it that I wanted to share with everyone.

Where do the truly attentive look first?

Ask anyone who their most important people are? Film stars, athletes, business or political leaders: the glamourous, the gregarious, the omnipresent or self-important-- you will hear all their names. Then ask anyone to describe them, really describe them. You will certainly find more silence than salience.
What joins the illustrator and the illustrated-- if not at the hip-- is the detail. By that I do not mean the technical specification, like in the German or ISO standard systems. An true illustrator does not stand out by virtue of the paint-by-numbers method. Rather it is the detail-- in the sense of astute judgement-- the ability to observe and derive from such observation that essence which with no further elaboration completes the image the viewer is to experience. Illustration, as opposed to technical drawing, is an intellectual process that turns whatever medium is used into a-- sometimes almost literally pregnant-- message.

Ms Rattner captures in her drawing all the words that have been spoken or written by the cosmopolitan shirtmaker and dandy Ignatious Joseph, not in a portrait and not in a landscape. Although Mr Joseph's shoes are usually the only red items in his attire, this colour is uniquely identified with him throughout the high-end world of gentleman's style. Mr Joseph however is not a shoemaker, nor does he design or produce hose. His shirts are distinctive in the market. (I recall the amazed reaction I experienced even when I entered Charvet wearing one of his shirts.

So why does Ms Rattner illustrate Mr Joseph only in red and only at his toes? Not only does Mr Joseph have his own very personal passion for footwear-- expressed in the innumerable models produced by his Viennese master shoemaker. He is essentially a pedestrian-- with a passion for fast cars, but one cannot sell while racing-- who has developed his place in the high-end gentlemen's clothing market by what one called in the trade "pounding the pavement". His feet have taken him if not to Mt. Everest, then certainly to the heights of his trade. That is the detail in Mr Joseph's personality and the passion of his products which is best captured by Ms Rattner's passionate depiction of his feet. A striking feat-- with every pun intended.


New Product Art

Beauty & Pin-Ups have just launched two new products, Stay Dirty Dry Shampoo and Fierce Firm Hold Finishing Spray, for which I provided the product art.


Viva Las Vegas Weekender 

If you're at the famous Viva Las Vegas weekender from April 13th-16th go and visit Playboy Playmate of the Year 2011 Claire Sinclair and model/performer Mosh on Saturday to pick up an exclusive set of pin-up bubble art that I painted for them.